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  • ArcAngel ·
    Hello Tall Terry, wanted your advice on an S&S super G. Swapped carbs with a guy on here it's an S&S super G also but this one has thunderjet and bombsight venturi installed it has not been bored nor has it had the butterfly rod Machined. Was told by a builder that for the street he wouldn't bore it as it will have negative effects at midrange due to velocity loss. It's going on an S&S 124" crate motor. Also adding 35-50 shot of juice to it. Would boring or not boring be your recommendation. I value you input on this. Thanks in advance. It's nice to have guys with your knowledge on the forum
    Van_Kerr ·
    Have the later SST ignition with electric decompresses, wondered if any point in flowing heads or changing stock 600 cam ?
    Van_Kerr ·
    Just read your comments on the 113" motor, looking for ideas for the winter, what did you do to yours when it was apart ?
    Malx ·
    Hey TT,
    Once again I'm contacting you for a little wisdom. 08 Heritage 96B 18,000 miles. Just replaced the comp on it as it had issues. Found the spring pack to be extremely loose. My question is more related to the counterbalancers. She runs great but when you lug the it down in 4th or 5th I hear this hammering, almost like a bottom knock. That's the only time it does it. I know that I shouldn't lug it down and it's not done on purpose. Is this sound normal. I've run Evo's for years and these twin cam motors seem to be quite noisy. Not accustomed to all these new sounds. I prefer not to take it to the dealer for any of their input. Haven't read to much on this forum for any additional info. Appreciate any guidance you can give me..
    1camenuf ·
    Tall Terry, would you know of any S&S vent hose that would mate from The head port to S&S backing plate WITH a 1" carb spacer? I would need a funny looking S hose to mate right now. I haven't seen or heard of anything S&S makes. Any help I would appreciate
    r1midget ·
    Hi Tall Terry
    Thanks for putting the response on my post today. I have been doing some research and found you have your finger in many elec posts with many positive responses, so I am glad you responded to mine.
    I hope you can help me out with this.
    In the post I received a method of how to bring up the fault codes. I tried this and I couldn't get them to come up, so I youtubed it and found another way which I tried.
    This method the kill switch is set to run, the black button on side of speedo is held down and ignition switch turned on. I got the following:
    d01CLr, d02CLr etc all the way to d10CLr. I then pressed the button on the side of the speedo one more time and got this. CAL 04. What does this mean?
    Any help would be much appreciated
    seadog65 ·
    last week installed 120st,true duals, 2008 ultra 5.3 inj with tts, looking for starter map thanks .need help before snow is gone gw
    bodean46 ·
    TallTerry, What part of Kentucky do you live in? I am 60 miles from Paducah, in West Frankfort, Il. I have an 01 Ultra with the RevTec 97" BB and had the heads done at DoubleD Cycles in Pittsburg, IL., changed ECM to the S&S VFI and replaced the MM injection with an HPI 51mm throttlebody and Zippers Big Air a/c. Trying to get into the ECM as I think it's lean, but the aftermarket cable will only connect for a few seconds, then says lost contact. Wondering if I can get the factory cable for the HD programmable ECM and it work on the VFI?
    Givrsum ·
    i'm in maine terry, what was a decent state. my ole man was born in pine knot ky and he lived in stearns as well.. i was out that way in the 80's, gorgeous country side you have there.
    Thermodyne ·
    If you make the entry, just right click on the photo in the other thread, then select open in new tab from the pop up menu. That will open the photo in a photobucket window. To the right will be four address boxes. Left click on the address beside the "direct' label. Then go to your entry thread and click the little photo button, right click in the dialog box and select paste from the menu. That will copy the address of the photo into your entry thread. You can repeat the process to add the other photos.
    randy9057 ·
    hey terry, i got your message, my 04 is 95in., still in early stages of pickin some brains. if you have any more info. i sure would appreciate it. thanks, randy
    superdave ·
    Hi Terry sorry for the delay.The address is 986 Powell Avenue,Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, R3H 0H6 David Mcculloch Thanks and let me know how much.
    superdave ·
    Hi Terry He ordered everything except the hydr. tappet.Would you sell one hydr. tappet and ship into Canada? If so how much for shipping and how do you want payment.Thanks Dave M
    superdave ·
    just checking if you have a front tappet block for an 82 shovel.If you do can you let me know as I will then grab that,the hydr. pushrods and 2 hydr. tappets.This is for a friend that had a problem that I am trying to help him fix his bike. Thanks
    FXDRdr ·
    Hi TallTerry,
    No doubt you're wondering why my trans rebuild is dragging.About the time I tore into it my granddaughter was stricken with a medical condition yet undiagnosed.Whatever it was made a visuous attack on her cerebellum leaving her with practically no motor skills
    After over 3 months if rehab she is no more closer to walking than day one. Her intelect was not effected but she has a hard time talking and every activity that requires motor skills was hit very hard. Since her mom & dad and my wife work I am her primary caregiver.I'm writing to you to say that everything you wrote on my thread sounded like the wisest way to go about it and I hope you understand my situation will be there when I'm able to get back to it. I would very much like to do things as you advise.Don't have any idea how far into the future that will be but please consider posting your advise when I pick it up again.
    Thank you for all the help you've given me so far. Bill
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