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  • seadog65 ·
    just installed 120st, 2008 ultra, true duals, 5.3 injectors tts of coarse installed fab205-04 startes heat cycled, but runs rough, any suggestions
    Dry509 ·
    Dale in Houston here. I am reading the forum about what is a good year for the Harley Ultra and came across your comments about the 2007 year. Do you still feel the 2007 is better than later years? Also, I searched on 2007 and came up with some issue about the crank shaft bearings tolerances? Did you ever have a problem with that? Tell me again please why you prefer the 2007 to the later models. Did you put a larger engine in yours? If so, which one?

    Thanks in advance

    chammy ·
    Hey i hate to bother you, i am in so il also i have a 12 103 street glide with the stage 4 kit, 259e cams, i have 8800 miles on the build, recently i have noticed poping sounds coming from the exhaust while cruising as well as some missing and hesitation around 2500 rpm cruising and around that rpm in town while in lower gears. I have v and h big radius pipes that i have been running with no baffles and the sound is more pronounced with out them. Plugs look good, new plugs and wires, 93 octane always. An ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
    RustyRider ·
    Took a look at the stock spec for the bike ... seems my numbers are running below that. And the 12-ish AFR suggests that I need more air or less fuel. Stage 1 SE is rated @ 160 CFM, which supports over 5,500 RPM @ 96 inches. So, even down around 3,500 needing more air than the SE Stage 1, doesn't seem to really be an issue.

    What does seem to be an issue is either getting the air sucked into the cylinder for a good VE, keeping it in the cylinder or having less fuel to give a better AFR. Of course, I'm just talking out my backside like I really know this stuff ... well, at least that's my newbie stab at trying to understand what is going on.

    As you can see, I could use some help in figuring this one out. I figure that the True Duals aren't optimal for scavenging ... but I dig 'em, so I'd like to make 'em work best as possible for some low/mid throttle.
    RustyRider ·
    I've got an '08 Heritage that I picked up earlier this year. It has V&H True Dual (fishtails) and SE stage 1 air cleaner. Other than that I suspect it is stock.

    Had a baseline dyno done @ the dealer and the AFR throughout the dyno showed around 12-ish (iirc) ... 75 TQ around 3,500 / 61 HP @ 5,400

    I've got a SERT with the bike and would like to upgrade the cam before getting a good tune done. Thinking about Andrews 21 or 26, Woods 222, Feuling 525 ... throttle response and low/mid torque being part of what I'm looking for. I'm not set on anything atm. My limited knowledge of cam design has me leaning toward the Feuling 525 for my riding style ... but I know enough to know what I don't know. lol

    Would like to consider coming to Mattoon (in Mt. Vernon) for a tune, wondering about cam selection and would like to hear your thoughts about direction to take things. FYI, I used to live in Mattoon back in 1980.
    Glidegray ·
    I am trying to get help with TTS, I have a 2012 RGU. Every time I try to retrieve stock tune I get this message TTS14433 detected:connect to vehicle power. And I am connect to bike with everything on.
    Thank you
    hats06SG ·
    Hope your keeping well. I was wondering if you could help me again as you did in the past I require a map for a screaming eagle pro super tuner. I will send you the details if your into it.
    Thanks, Rick.
    cghorr01 ·
    Can you recommend a competent tuner near Louisville, KY? How far are you from me? May be able to come to you for tuning. I have an '08 1200 custom.
    Templer ·
    I am geting a 107 570 HIPPO motor done. My question to you is :they want to use wiesco pistons. What would you use? I read a LOT of posts and your seems to be straight up!
    dsvracer ·
    My name is dan vance and I have a customer who is installing a 51mm CV carb on a power kit that I sold him. Would you any idea on what jets to begin with ?? It is a 107, 105, s&s 585, 10.5 compression. thanks dsv
    I really enjoy reading your comments. Thanks for sharing your experiances.
    Mother ·
    I was considering R&R because the unit is trued, welded & plugged, and balanced. What do you recommend?
    spudman54 ·
    strokerjlk need a good bace map for tts closes dyno 1000 miles away 2008 flh 107 .o4o hg 54 cams true duals free flowing mufflers a/c tried duh-205-03 and fuf205-03 works poor to fair tts not answering phone calls latley any help would be appreciated g webb
    acbacb ·

    Hope you are doing well. Spring is around the corner. I am changing from duck hunting mode to Harley mode. I may ride Saturday weather permitting.

    Got a question. Can you tune with a Power Vison module from Dynojet? I am thinking about a package deal 107 kit from Fuel Moto and Dynojet stuff is what they promote. Thanks!!

    Alan Boyd
    Paducah, KY

    P.S. Loving the new Street Glide. I just want more power and less heat.
    raindream ·
    Jim, so.......I went ahead and traded in for a 2012 ultra limited. It's the Blue metallic flake with Black under. One quick question. what pipe should I go for on this bike? would a 2:1 fatcat be too much? I plan on getting a tts and maybe even putting some cams in. Any ideas? would be greatly appreciated!
    fxstc1999 ·
    Quick question for you. I noticed you put S&S roller rockers in your 120R. Did you install adjustable pushrods or stay with the SE perfect-fit ones?
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