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  • Givrsum ·
    lol,, hey chum,, i actually loosen'ed the grip today and just looked at a few of his posts,, he's still an idiot so i shut the door again.. hey btw,, good looking ladies in your album man.. and after all,, who needs an ohio troll when the ladies are hot..
    DLL66 ·
    Scrubs, I was TDY at the Lik in 98, 99 and was stationed there from 2000 to 2002. For the most part, a pretty good assignment.
    Rollmeaway ·
    Eh Doug

    I haven't been around much the past while & btw thanks for the kind words
    I've been putting in too many hrs fixin in my shop. Funny how I thought I'd come on here
    tonight & reaquaint with some of the good ole boys & low & behold an ole friend left some chalk on my board
    Sherri ·
    Hi Scrubs,
    You are very observant. The Breakout is my husbands, and yes, it's an awesome bike, I deliberately did not enter it into the contest this month, because I knew I wouldn't have a chance of winning lol
    Thanks for your nice complements though! There is a better photo of the Breakout in my albums, I'll also see if I can send you a photo, still new at all of this
    hopper cary ·
    Ok.... Im back! I have been working on a new magazine for the Easyriders crew. It's called WRENCH MAGAZINE. It has been taking all my time.
    scottq60 ·
    Doug! I don't know how I missed this message...guess I need to get more familiar with the features of this site!

    Sorry I'm so late responding...anyway, I know EXACTLY how you feel! I haven't missed it at all in the last 12 years...but I THOROUGHLY LOVED my 20 years of service...well 19 of them anyway. I didn't care much for the year in Korea away from Deb and the kids.

    WAAAAAY back in 1980, when I enlisted, I signed up for 6 years...and after giving that a day or two to sink in...I thought to myself..."MAN!!!! I won't get out until 1986!!! It'll take FOREVER to get here!!!" Here we are 32 years later (from 1980)....and I wonder WHERE THE HELL the years have gone!!! In fact, 6 days from now marks 32 years since my first day at Lackland! It is TOO scary how fast time flies!!! Deb and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary 4 days ago!!! Our children are 28 and 24 years old. I'll be FIFTY-TWO in November!!!
    motorheads5 ·
    Sorry I havent been here for a while. I'm down in southeast Alaska on the pan handle alongside Canada it's all Iland's here
    coastie56 ·
    Hey Scrubs, thanks for the invite. Been enjoying your humorous posts for a long time. You always seem to "get it". Too many folks seem to be focusing on the trivia instead of the "big picture!" We can set em straight! LMFAO! This year I have decided to exercise my noggin and learn to post pics. Stay tuned.
    speedfoos ·
    Thanks for the compliment, I haven't even thought about. I should get some down time in a couple days so I'll get some together, figure out how to make the album and post them up. - Clint
    coastie56 ·
    Happy New Year! Ahar says "Me Gone". I hope to hear more info from him. I told him we all miss him. Damn R&P forumn. I go there from time to time but, man, you shouldn't take it seriously. The older I get the more I learn to avoid that crap.
    Saul Good ·
    Hey Friend. This dog's outta the hunt. Dancing With the Stars will be back on soon. All the best to You, Emma and Mrs. Scrubs. Keep on winning Bro.

    Say "Hi" to Ahar for me, if you cross paths.

    's all good, David
    Tbones ·
    Sorry bro, as of the 25th I am banned from the site... Seems I pissed off the cliche round here and they've decided to boot my ass... If you want to stay in contact with me, you can still contact me via my site bro at www.specialtschools.com... Be warned, don't piss of the mods and their tight little nit group or you get axed :)... Take care... T
    CycleGearOnline ·

    Unfortunately, the Rapid Pinlock System only comes in clear. Then you purchase the tinted inserts separately and swap as you like. Or you can buy whatever colored shield(s) you want and swap the whole shield. We have the shields on the site (http://www.cyclegear.com/spgm.cfm?L1=&L2=&L3=&L4=&item=HEL_10-901_G), but not the inserts. If you call us at 800-CYCLEGEAR (292-5343), we'll be able to get whatever you need as long as it's available.

    I hope this helps!
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