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  • Scrubs ·
    Just starting to reappear here. While working at the dealer I got sorta screwed up in the noggin, and lost my way. Really enjoy being part of this Forum again.

    Thanks for the request, Friend! - doug
    Scrubs ·
    HiYa Roll,
    I've been looking for ya in some of these threads...always enjoy reading your responses. How ya been, Man?
    Doug, aka Scrubs
    Ronplummer ·
    Have a starting issue on my '02 FLSTI heritage with a 2 year old HD AGM battery..Battery has been kept on a trickle charger since new.
    Bike fired up as normal today, road about 2 hours, stopped for 30 minutes.......Turned ignition on, set switch to on, hit the start switch and had one clunk.......all lights go out........sit for 2-3 minutes, exact same thing happens...one clunk/lights out no juice........If I leave the ignition on the lights will come back on in 2-3 minutes and are bright as normal..........hit start, clunk, lights out the the process remains the same.
    Did a jump start with portable rechargeable starter, bike will fire up, but goes dead after the clamps are removed..........Guessing a dead battery, not 100% sure.........will appreciate input..Thx..Ronnie
    CowboyTutt ·
    Dare, just saw your message finally. I don't know what to think. I think that the chain driven cams DO have more flexibility to survive as things start to go out of spec, but I totally agree with you now that gears can make MORE HP and TQ and if you can afford them (and as I feel about it you have a welded crank) I would not hesitate to use them and might very well do so in the future! The fact you have convinced me of that is no small doing....

    Thanks for being my friend. -Tutt aka Andy Tuttle
    jim-d ·
    yes i have always used syn.I haven,t changed it since the early summer, it has about 5300 ks on it,I always change it before I start riding in the spring, I always change the filter and I always put some oil in the filter
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