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  • apachejack ·
    Hi, sorry for messaging out of the blue, I just joined the forum so I could ask you about Keihin screamin eagle carb jetting, specifically the "speed jet" the one accessible from outside the carb under the "hood" I've read your posts on a thread on these carbs and you said you had one on a shovel, mines on a 80ci S&S shovel, currently it has the blanking plug in but I have a set of the speed jets (apart from one) I was hoping you could tell me what speed jet you have in your shovel carb to give me a starting point for mine, thanks in advance.
    Jack Crossley
    Iron_Chief ·
    There is an aftermarket Crane cam, and I have the specs for duration and lift, but not right here with me. It is a milder (RV like) cam. There was a more radical one installed, but the previous owner could never get it dialed in. The instruction sheet for the cam says to just tighten the pushrods finger tight and lock them down. That's what I'm doing. The bike ran like a scalded dog the first time I rode it (after rebuilding the card, flushing the tank and replacing the petcock, and within 50 miles, a couple of the pushrods have loosened up and I don't have the pickup or high revs that I had initially. I think this will do it, because the crane single fire electronic ignition module is still rock solidly mounted, with new plugs and wires. It is set on "race" so that probably explains why I ran out of gas so quickly. :)
    Racepres ·
    I know right where Hamilton is...Had a flat there once...
    I'm in Michigan...Headed to the V-Twin Trade Show..
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