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  • Wristpin ·
    Thanks. Found this site so I can pick peoples brains on the Twin Cam before I remake costly mistakes others have. Sounds like your Softtail should be nice and strong.
    BigMacNebraska ·
    Nitram: Now that you had an opportunity to break in the 97" what is your opinion about the build? Am considering getting the same basic set up for an 06 Ultra and am looking for opinions on those that have this set up. Thanks....
    stahld ·
    I need new tires on my 2010 FLHX, but boy, they aren't cheap.
    Thinking about ordering tires online and pulling the wheels myself.
    I have never done it on a Harley before.
    I noticed one of your posts says you have, is it hard?
    I have a manual, and I think I can do it.
    My first question is how do I put the wheel back on and make sure the belt tension is ok... also, the diagram shows a cam to provide tension, but only on one side of the axel. Is that rigth?
    Could the axel be set back crooked on the rear wheel? That is another thing I am worried about.

    Any input would be much appreciated.
    Thanks so much in advance for your help.
    macsr ·
    Bought my SG from Timm's in Anderson.....wonderful country up there near your hometown....
    Very nice people....
    Nitram_b4 ·
    I don't see a problem traveling the back roads in a normal winter, they keep most all the roads clear, sorry to take so long getting back to you
    cruiser73 ·
    Hey Nitram,

    I was hoping you could give me some winter Adirondacks info.

    I have been in the ADKS several times in recent years, both on my bike, and in the car.

    I have always gone from the Utica area, up through Thendara, Old Forge, Inlet, to Raquette Lake, and on to Long Lake and Tupper Lake, and then on to Saranac Lake and finally the Lake Placid/Wilmington region.

    I've never been there in the winter, and I would like to check it out. My main question is about the roads. Are the roads between Old Forge and Tupper Lake driveable in an automobile during winter? Or would I need to take a less rural route?

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