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  • REDDD ·
    I'm in Ringgold. Right on the Georgia/Tennessee state line. Most of my activity is done in Tennessee & I'm the Tennessee ride coordinator for the National Armed Forces FreedomRide.
    No worries, Hilton. Yes, I am happy with the sound of the duals. You hit it on the head; just loud enough to notice, but not loud enough to wake the neighbors. I went with the Samsons, and am very happy with them.
    pigrider ·
    I don't know what brand of oil you're using but I run 20/50 Amsoil in engine & primary, put many miles on running the same 20/50 in trans and did fine, but last year switched to 75/140 Amsoil in trans due to reading all the treads on here. My trans is now much quieter and shifts smoother too, not that it was bad before. Amsoil also as a 75/110 that they recomend for HD transmissions, I just used the 75/140 cause I had an extra qt. laying around for my truck.
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