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  1. map suggestion

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    Thanks for your prompt response.I am embaraessed to say i cant open your attachment due to the fact I am only a basic member. Thanks for your effort. Bob
  2. map suggestion

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    sorry had a brain fart...SE203 and yes I plan to upgrage this winter to these cams however I kinda was hopeing to run his map for this summer if it will work. Bob
  3. map suggestion

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    Hi,I cant find a map for my setup. 2005 roadking 95" SE air filter,stage 1 with true duals and V&H fishtail slipons but std cam. My brother is running same setup except bigshot duals and he has SE cams. is there a big difference because of the cams?Can i copy and download his map? he had it...
  4. Road King Risers

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    I have the HD slammer riser cover, 2 inch pullback risers and heritage bars on my 05 roadking. cables and wires are maxed out but fit. your bars are about the same height so the setup should work. Bob
  5. whats the diff 06-07 heritage mufflers

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    seems there are tons of older mufflers that fit up to 06 on the heritage classic but very few for my 07 heritage. dealer claims bla bla bla they are different. will the older slipons fit and bolt up or an I stuck with 07 stuff? Bob
  6. Need Louder Pipes...Please Help

    I wanted to keep stock cross over, went with VH fishtail slipons 2.50 louverd baffles and loud.if you dont like fishtails any bigshot tip will work and fishtail tip sell easy. sound is 8 on scale od 1-10 it took a while for me to get use to.
  7. Can I get V&H Longshots sound on a bagger ?

    I have been chaseing the same sound for a year now,love the longshot sound dont like the look on roadking. 4 sets of mufflers later I think I have a close match...V&H Fishtail slipons mater of fact I now orderd quiet baffles and new tips from bigshot duals from V&H . the sound is great maybe too...
  8. Softail Deluxe discussion

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    Did you stay with the shotgun exhaust or did you change your front pipes? Did you have the bike flashed? wife is trying to get some miles on her 07 deluxe before we change the exhaust. after hearing the SE street legal slipons no way are the going on her bike... rush seems to be a perfect option.
  9. 07 deluxe mufflers slim pickins

    I was told the 07 deluxe has a changed exhaust something to do with moving the crossover? been told previous slip ons wont fit, can say for sure till next week when we get it home and crawl all over it. thanks,Bob
  10. 07 deluxe mufflers slim pickins

    wifes 07 deluxe came in and with the new hd exhaust it sounds like a "no offence" Honda. the dealer had one in the shop with the new se slipons it sounded almost the same as stock ,maybe a little louder.they said there isnt any other slipon options for the 07s. come on someone has to make some...
  11. V&H fishtail slipons on 05 RK pc111 map?

    After bouncing back and forth on exhaust i ended up with VH fishtail slipons, will bw installing tomorrow after work. Power commander web site has no map fo these yet and havent answerd my emails for a suggestion. they are 2 1/2 bodys with straight thru baffle. are the samson silver bullets...
  12. WTB longshot/bigshot long for 05 flh

    For Sale
    found a set thanks...Bob
  13. Fatcat Experts

  14. Fatcat Experts

    Thanks, I already emailed dynojet last nite so they should respond soon. I did that when I installed my pythons,there wasnt a map for those either. thanks again. Bob
  15. Fatcat Experts

    I am starting to lean toward the fat cat for my 05 RK my question is I only have an 88in w/se a/c stage 1 flash and pc111. from what I hear the bike will not sound wimpy with the 2-1 but seems all of you are running them with 95in motors. will the FC 2-1 beifit me with only the 88 motor or isnt...