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  • Newforesthog ·
    Wow! I have the same problem with my £21,000 FLHTCU 2012 Harley Davidson. The bike was also delivered with rusty silencers (mufflers) . . . . . and Harley Davidson boast of pure quality??? When I apply the rear brake the back of the bike vibrates and in some conditions very badly. Feels really bad and unsafe to ride sometimes. Apply the front brake no problem. The discs have been checked by 2 dealers and both dealers tell me that all is “OK”. It’s not OK and I see from searching Google that other HD owners have the same problem. I have written an official letter of complaint to Harley Davidson UK and have asked . . . . Is this normal? . . . . . Is this part of the design? . . . . Is the bike safe to ride? I am waiting an answer. My HOG members tell me I should ask for my money back. I would appreciate any info/help especially if anyone has received an official response from Harley Davidson – Please!!!!!
    coastie56 ·
    You already have XIEDS,eh? So when were you going to tell me, AFTER I burned my nuts into briquets?! It was a very hot day to ride when in town for sure. Not too bad on the highway and i got 42 mpg with a mix of conditions and I tried to stay above 2k, 2500
    is the sweet spot.
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