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  • flhtc4me ·
    thank you sir,nice to hear from you. called a guy,chris at cycle solutions,he isn't a fan of the fuel pak or power commander,even though he sells them,he says another zippers is the way to go,my vance and hines dresser duals are junk,according to him,i really don't want to spend the money for another zippers as I plan on only pipes,cvo mufflers and the arlen ness free flow air cleaner.if the fuelpak is ok,that would be fine with me,i'm confused but I don't want to waste money,i'd rather be sure of what I'm doing.i'll look more into the fuelpak.my wife is from newfoundland,grand falls.we were over a couple years ago on the 2005 bike and rode up the west coast,beautiful country.thanks for the help,i appreciate it.
    flhtc4me ·
    Hi,greg here in Halifax,Nova Scotia.i've been reading lots on the forums here and lately trying to learn what I could about the fuelpak.i hope you don't mind me asking you a couple of questions?i have an 05 ultra with a zippers and love the way the bike works.i did just buy a 2010 ultra in NC with 3000 miles,stock as a stove.i did buy vance & hines dual pipes,plan to use a set of take-off 4 inch cvo mufflers and have an arlen ness air cleaner.i don't plan on any more modifications so rather than buying another zippers,i am considering a fuelpak to make the bike run a little richer?i have read about guys loving/not loving the fuelpak?i emailed v&e but they didn't reply,at least not so far?i ride mostly 2-up and always ride easy,never in a hurry,no need for a rocket ship,i just want the thing to run strong & well.if you could provide any advice,i'd sure appreciate it.
    thanks and take care.greg
    xoboy ·
    Hello, just a question for you, I have a 03 se 103 roadking, the computer was flashed, stage 1 air kit with k and n filter, american custom slip ons wide open meaning their loudest pipe. no pops stutters no nothing runs great lots of power but added fuel pak with recommended fp-0079 settings it was lean, snow white plugs, and mileage dropped from 40 - 42 to 36 - 38,, still no problems lots of powere better starts and torque yikes! you thinking normal for this setup i can get 40 if i really granny this bike but not usually and im not crankin on it much.
    brucen2son ·
    Re: '07 speedometer correction. Can you just remove the starter instead of cutting into the harness? Of course use the correct connectors...
    mtnLeo ·
    Hey bud! I noticed your slogan: "I have learned, Just say NO to Dyno's". I was wondering if you would mind sharing your negative experience? I'm currently tuning my bike and was considering taking it to a tuner. So I am looking for pro's and con's, ya know!?!?
    Jeffytune ·
    Hi Paul.
    Thank you for the complement.
    The seat is a C&C seat out of Paramount California, it is real leather and alligator.

    As to the sissy bar the bar itself is a Cycle visions ego bar for a 2009 soft tail.
    The mounts i got form a Harley salvage place, they are Harley but were made for the Dyna, and I had to cut and drill them to make them work.
    It works very well and i have had no issues with them since I installed it 13K ago.
    Here is a link for some closer pickers of the mounts...

    Colorado-Paul ·
    By the way, I love you seat as well. I was thinking back about your bike and remembered that you had a nice sissy bar that I liked . I just searched for "blue flame seat" and got your post. I have an 05 FLHTI and was wondering what kind is yours and what other mounts would I need?
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