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  1. East Coast Meet And Greet

    We spent a few days there a couple years ago, riding was good. Stayed at the Marlington Motor Inn. It's large enough to handle a group, has a bar/restaurant on-site. Restaurant leaves a little to be desired, but did I mention it has a bar. Just up the road is Snowshoe Ski Lodge. Better meals...
  2. 2007 Ultra Glide Classic

    Transmission and Primary
    Clutch won’t disengage? Did you replace clutch pack? How much free play on the clutch lever? Give the guys here a little more to work with.
  3. Seattle schools

    Religion & Politics
    Can you imagine the "think tank" that generated that gem?
  4. Look what happened on the way to nowhere special

    General Harley Talk
    I'm glad you came out of that OK Therm. Heal quickly from road rash and bruises, successful shopping for your new ride.
  5. HD B Lifters

    Twin-Cam Engine
    I love a deal too. But sometimes you're way better off paying for dependable, quality products. Shopping for cam chest, any internal engine product for that matter, is one of those times. As a close friend says, "you can't afford to buy the cheapest product"
  6. Cowboy boots for riding?

    General Harley Talk
    "My left leg used to feel like concrete, but it is better now and I ride every day." Good news Cap... ride every day.
  7. Amsoil vs Lucas

    V-Twin Forum News
  8. Bike shuts off intermittently

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    You mean you don't love the OL so much or the OL doesn't love the pillow so much?
  9. Impeach!!!

    Religion & Politics
    One one hand Barr and the Justice Department are about to eat the Dems lunch. On the other they see a Trump landslide in 2020. The best defense is a good offense.
  10. Does any one really like this new set up?

    Wholesale changes to a forum with personalities that embrace century old designed engines will take a good amount of time to be accepted. If accepted at all. Millineals don't care.
  11. Clutch problems

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    ^^^^^^^^^ what he said^^^^^^^^^^ Plus replace the diagram spring while you're in there
  12. Oil line leak

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    Gnee's 2000 Heritage Softail developed a leak in the aero quip hose on the return line to oil tank. Can that hose be changed or should I just replace the entire line? If it's replace should I go genuine HD part or aftermarket? I see V-Twin has a set of both lines for 1/2 dealer cost of the...
  13. big front wheels ......

    General Harley Talk
    People are still [email protected] up their bikes with those goofy things. After destroying the handling with those ugly wheels they usually fill the bags with amps and speakers, park 'em in front of a bar and drown out the world with bebop.
  14. Primary and transmission oil change intervals

    Transmission and Primary
    A few years ago I was standing next to Bone Daddy out in Red Lodge when a guy asked him that same question. His answer..... "change it when it's dirty". I agree with that, except for trans. It will stay pretty clean. Change it at 10 or when dirty, whichever comes first. The manual will probably...
  15. 1996 Road King EVO, stalling issues

    V-Twin Forum News
    You need to get in that carb a little deeper. Drop the bowl and clean or replace main, pilot and needle/velocity jets. Clean and check float valve for proper operation. Check the diaphram on the slide for tears. Check the accelerator pump diaphragm as well. You may want to check the fuel...