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  • MooseTracker ·
    The reduced effort kit from the 06's works very well but it isn't going to hold under that power.
    A VPC would reduce the effort and increase TQ capacity, but if the #1 priority is to reduce lever effort due to a medical condition the VPC can be combined with the 06 ramps and diaphragm and the effort reduction from both kits is cummulative, ie you would be able to lighten effort over 60%.
    * My friend, I found this old link regarding the reduced effort clutch. I have a medical problem that deals with my left hand. I too, am very leery of the stop and go high traffic situations.

    I have a 96 80 inch EVO motor in my FLSTC and would like to get the harley reduction kit. Would you please give me your opinion of the best products to put into my bike.

    Any help would be appreciated. Please respond to my address below:
    Larry Boling
    Knoxville, TN
    [email protected]
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