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  • bestsellscars ·
    You should be able to tell within the first 60 seconds, what kind of biker you have.
    Old school are easy and polite, newbie's demanding wearing every designer peice that is available usually new!
    Good luck--
    But it is a great world! When you are on two wheels!
    curtonly ·
    Good luck with that bro' SERIOUSLY...good luck.! I cant say where, but i have done the same thing. Worked in construction for 30+ years and then took a job as service writer at the local HD. Been at it for a year now, and the best (or worst) advice i can give is just don't take their (new breed) BS. Since i've been doing that job, all i think is.."damn it, i cant kill em' !
    These new "bikers" have such a great false sense of entitlement, like your supposed to lick there a.. and be all sweet and friendly so they can come of like a 1%'er..OH WAIT, sorry, 1%'ers dont act like that. Most of the new customers today wouldnt go into a HD shop back in the seventys or eightys acting like they do today, or they would get their asses handed to them. But then again i've always said, (no offense) "if the wind aint hittin your body and soul, you aint ridin" and "if you break down on the journey and aint gotta clue, YOUR NO BIKER.! Send a post later, like to know how your hangin..Softail Curt
    ABFJV ·
    I would like to purchase the bar & shield windshield molding. My email address is [email protected] I looked at the wrong price on the tires and wheels. My son has a friend with a OEM 18" front wheel from a 2010 SG that he said he will give me. We'll see. LOL
    stilbo ·
    Gunny, I know that you posted your Nightster fender in '09 but do you still have it and want to sell it? Thanks... Ron S.
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