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  • chriscalabro ·
    Went with a case of the 15W 60 and it is awesome. Still running in the high 80's during the days in Florida with cool evenings and mornings. The weight seems to handle both temps well and seem to get a quieter top end similar to what I had seen when using a straight 50 W
    RobIrish ·
    George if I was to want to get my amsoil from you is there a link I can order it through, sorry I am new here as far as a member, been lurking for a while and wanted to support you.
    chriscalabro ·
    George you seeing anyone running the Amsoil 15w-60 in the newer M8 engines? Considering this option over current 20 50 in florida
    LWoodard ·
    Hi George, Three years ago I got a free AmsOil 6-month Preferred Customer Membership from you. I'm wondering if you still do that, and if so, what kind of a discount would I expect?
    Newdawg ·
    George I'm Gordon I live in the Philippines so many of the products
    I have heard on the forum I do not have access too. I have a 2014 1200 sportier. Many brand name. Products obviously do not have the same formulations here as they do at home, they tend to break down much quicker. She'll products seem to be the exception.

    My question: can I use foreland 10-40 in my transmission? If not what can I use from shell? I know this is not your product line but could really use some advice. I didn't ask on the open forum because I didn't want to start another endless thread. Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
    georgedouglas ·
    the high zinc 20w 50 is perfectly good to use in all 3 holes if you wanted to. it is acutally our original motorcycle formulation and still meets wet clutch specs.
    ellerja ·
    hi George its been a long time.i just purchased amsoil for my Harley for the first time.i had been using mobil 1 20 50 for v-twin but its getting hard to find. I prurchased 20/50 but it says hi zinc content.is that bad for my engine?im only using it in the engine not the other two holes.i haven't put it in yet.i was going to wait and see what you say about it.
    acbacb ·

    I am a customer of yours and I have a question. I'm coming up on 1k miles after the upgrade to a big bore kit and I'm gonna put Amsoil back in the motor after "break-in". Can I safely mix 2 qts Amsoil 20W-50 Motorcycle oil with 1 qt Amsoil 60W Motorcyle oil? I think it will quiet down the valve train a bit. Or should I stick with 100% 20W-50?


    Alan Boyd
    Paducah, KY 42001
    willy1930 ·
    Hello George,
    I've got a question regarding the oil filter for my 2005 Evo motor in my Softail. I used the Harley oil filter last year and it was puking a little oil. After reading the S&S website, it seems they are pushing the 30 micron filter. What are your thoughts and does Amsoil have an oil filter. The local Harley Dealer says to use part #63796-77A.
    Thanks George,

    Yankee Ride ·
    I hope you got my reply. Messaging through the site is still sort of new to me. How long have you been selling Amsoil? Is that your full time postion or do you do that on the side?
    georgedouglas ·
    I hope you are the one that contacted me directly and I have not let this request slip through the cracks. Please let me know one way or another.
    rebop46 ·
    want to change to amsoil for the trans an crankcase.belt drive primary.i'd rather support someone that actually cares about riding.can you get back to me with some prices?thanx,DAVE
    YoDA ·
    Hey George, how much for a case of 20w-50 for my 03 Ultra? Shipped to 84020. Also, I've been using 20-50 for all 3 holes, should I go with something heavier (75w-90 sever gear) for the tranny? Thanks.
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