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  • Dyna Ryda ·
    I personally really like the cams, they come on strong in the mid range and pull forever it seems. Bottom end is ok, feels a little more than stock. I'm still tuning mine (ignition/carb) so it should get better. From just a slow rolling speed in 1st and 2nd, and twisting the trottle only, it lights up the back tire with no problem. Also, the bike sounds really good at idle. Since your using a flat top piston I would mill the heads and probably use a .030 hg, I know S&S suggest 9-10 cr, I think mine is 10.25 according to big boyz calculator. Hope this helps with your dicision.
    Motorhead1257 ·
    Hey man, thanks for asking. I got mine from Seeger Cycles. It's the best on the planet as far as I'm concerned. I take 8hr rides all the time not a problem in the world. It was minimal set up and went by in a flash. The directions are easy. It handles awesome in tight turns too. I hit a deer last year nearly loosing my leg at 60mph and didn't go down. So stability is not a question. Contact Kurt at Seeger, let him know we talked he a tremendous help, and the products are fantastic. NO BULL. Hit me up if you have anymore questions. Les
    Gaff ·
    just came thru there last weekend on a poker run. Came off 7 at wellsville and ran 36 or 39 (never can remember that road) to carrolton then 332 to juwitt. Out your way quite a bit exspecially thru richmond.
    I live up in Cadiz but run up around your way all the time.
    I may want to do something with you on those.
    I'm trying to get 100# tq with 90 or so HP on my build this summer Just going back and forth, been down this road before.
    I have been looking at the S&S 551's witch the 26 is about the same to be honest. I would like to hook up with you on those.
    I work on offshore oil rigs, out here now. I'll be home on the 4th, we should hook up.
    LoneEagle964 ·
    I live between Toronto and Richmond the cams I have are Gear drive andrews 26G , not sure how many miles exactally I picked them up then got a whole kit with gears from ebay so did not use these .
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