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  • Malx ·
    Hi G, I know Dave was going under the knife today. If you hear any news please let me know. Do you possible have their mailing address? Send me yours as well. Got something I want to send you.. Hello the KT and by the way, great story and pic's..
    jammer45u ·
    Freeborn's has a couple rooms and a "house" available. The house is double rate, is it worth it? Gnee isn't high maintenance, she's ok with most mom and pop places but if the rooms are real bad I'd opt for the house.
    Deerjumper ·
    Answer to G-man:
    The handle 'Deerjumper' was given to me by my friend Donna: On the way to Bridgeport, about 10 p.m. I rode behind two friends, but too close to swerve left as they did. I had to take whatever obstacle it was they avoided straight on. It was a deer, lying in the road. If it was not dead yet it did not feel so good after I rode over it. I got airborne, but did not crash. My foot got never damage when it landed hard on the peg coming down, other than that, I was perfectly fine and rode on.

    FXDRdr ·
    Hi Man.I sent what I thought was a pm to a member er about 10 minutes ago. No I see no trace of it anywhere. Can you help me out. I assumed since your online name is accented you are a mod. Thanks. Bill
    mattchalmers ·
    Actually, barney is pretty cool. I have an autographed picture of him. I met him on a flight
    to LA back in the day. Hey, I want to apologize for spouting off to you. I never met you
    so that was out of line. I'm sorry about that...

    My frustration comes from losing my best friend b/c he refused to wear a helmet. I was
    not shy about calling him out on it and I felt like it was my fault.

    Then I crashed a year later and lived b/c I had one on. That's where I''m coming from.
    I'm sorry for offending you or anyone else. I'm still not over losing my best friend...

    peace out
    Tequila SG ·
    Hey G I had something checked that didn't allow PMs is good now, btw the thread was not yours, it had to do with the elections and MP as usual started with his gay agenda crap, but I should have looked at the whole page, some really sick **** in there.
    ncmedic ·
    Man I really hate to ask you this but will you please send me another text, I had to get another phone and did so without saving ur number, I'm really sorry.
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