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  • Snooper63 ·
    Hello , I have a problem the same as you had on a bike back in 2009 , the post was headed
    "HELP..only cranks without spark plugs."
    Did you find a solution to this problem ? as the posts just end without any further input.
    Thanks for your time.
    Regards Brian. aka Snooper63
    DR_DEUCE ·
    OK>> THANK YOU>>
    I have HD primary fluid up the the bottom of clutch, and I believe the adjustment is as you mentioned. Just didn't recall the friction zone being that wide, wondering if the nut backed off the adjuster..
    Thermodyne ·
    Not sure about your clutch, lots of things can make a difference. Especially the way it's adjusted and the fluid in the primary, both type of fluid and the amount used.

    For the adjustment, I like to keep the pushrod tight. Lightly seat the adjuster screw and then back it out half a turn. Then adjust the cable till it just shows free play. That gives you the fullest stroke and the best chance of being able to find neutral with the motor running. Motor oil in the primary will make the clutch slip on engagement. And a fluid level that is high will make it drag and slip. Both conditions make the clutch feel like it has an overly wide friction zone.
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