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  • UberKeeb ·
    Whatup! finally got around to throwing up a starter thread for the Dyna. You know I dont think I have done this since back in the ThirdGen days, lol.
    tall terry ·
    Hey, it's tall terry, I had to empty my mailbox, sorry for the inconvenience. I had 2 sets of pipes for sale, I just sold the other set, so to continue riding I have to keep the 2 into 1, you were dickering on, sorry man you took too long. I will sell it after my custom built set arrives, for the high rpm 113 on my bike. It's near impossible to get a set of exhaust that looks good sounds good and makes power all the way to 7000rpm, most stop flowing at under 6000rpm, you missed a great set of pipes. I hope the bassani's work out for you, it's been a pleasure. BTW, don't take everyone's advice as the gospel on this site, you already know more than most who are advising you. Terry
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