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  • HardLuck71 ·
    Hey Don, you were replying to my build post the other year and I’m looking to get my 79cc S&S heads done to get more out of what I have and looking to see what you can do for me and price? Also, maybe a better cam selection? Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from u
    XMA ·
    Sorry, one more question, hope you don't mind, have you personally used the 22421-03 pistons on the later style 4-3/8" cranks with tapered rods ends, or just know that you can?
    Thanks again
    XMA ·
    Thanks Don, we'll still clay and check valve to piston clearance, just knew that if I could use the earlier style 103 cast piston on the newer 4-3/8" crank, it would lessen the chance of having to fly cut the valve pockets. Thanks again.
    XMA ·
    Hi Don, was looking a an old thread that touched on this and thought you might have the answer(s).
    I’m planning a 103 build on my 09 FLHX and I want to use SE cast flat top pistons. I’m going to do a street porting on the stock heads with a larger (1.900”) intake valve.
    Can the earlier 103 SE cast stroker pistons (Part # 22421-03) with the larger/better located valve pockets be used on my stock crank with the tapered rod ends in lieu of the later SE cast stroker pistons (Part #21966-07)?
    Didn’t know if the new style rod ends would be an issue or if the center of wrist pin to top of piston or center of wrist pin to bottom of skirt was different on the earlier pistons.
    Any knowledge you may have is greatly appreciated.
    Cruizer40 ·
    Sounds good I'm very frustrated with this. Your help is appreciated and I should have called. I did a pressure test last night before bed and almost dropped. Both cylinders showed about 95psi. I'll call you tonight thanks
    05fatboy95 ·
    Rumor has it your the best in the biz. with the se 110 heads. My crank is shot so total rebuild going on. Im slowley collecting parts. Im planning a 114ci all bore ( early in the plannign stage 05 softail b motor). I picked up a set of 110 heads very cheap. Is it to much head still for 114ci?
    oilburner ·
    Hi Don,
    I have found many of your posts and threads very imformative..being your one of the closest experts to me..I live in BC Canada about 6 hrs from Tacoma..
    I thought I would ask you a few things about my new engine regarding break-in and tuning.
    The local dealership in my city has installed my 120r into my 2007 Softail, it will be ready to take away in days.
    My concern is they have limited experience with the 120 if any at all..so I'm a litte reluctant to use them for the tunning part.
    As it stands to owner who is also the tuner wants to load a base map and let me go break it in for 1000miles, then return with it and dial it in. I'm really not supper concerned about max output at the moment rather like to know from a guy like you if taking it away with a base map and then breaking it in as I did my last built 103 is cool?
    Ziggy57 ·
    Hi Don, I'm new to the forum and from what I've read you are one of the knowledgeable ones on the 120R. Where would you recommend I buy one for the best price and what minor mods should b done? Do you provide that service?Can I buy one thru and have the cams or other mods done before I receive the motor?

    Thanks in advance, Ziggy
    Rich67 ·
    Hey Don,I am doin a 107 this winter been lookin to do a little more head work,I'm going to run a Andrews 54h with 10.25:1 CP pistons.I currently have the SE factory cnc ported heads from what info I can get on them they have a 1.875 intake and 1.575 Ex. and cc at 85cc.I was thinkin a bigger intake 1.9 and leavin the Ex.valve the same,also want the singh grooves, if they do cc at 85 tthat would put me at about 199 ccp at about 10;5.1.If I go 87cc that what put me at about 194ccp 10:25.1. Didnt know if they'd benefit from a little more port work or not was thinkin of sendin them your way but didn't know what it might cost me hate to say this but tryin to keep the budget down on this.Also your opinion on what I had in mind.
    jdilly ·
    what is the cost to bore a set of stock cylinder to 4.125 without the cost of the pistons.cylinders supplied.
    Magneeto ·
    Regarding my post on my clutch: I got a member here willing to sell me a 1yr used set of barnett clutch plates and either SE or Barnett spring for $100. Is that a good deal or should I get the energy1 kit?
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