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  • bodean46 ·
    Ok. thank you. I was told that HD took over the S&S ECMs now as replacements for the older Delphi ECMs. Called S&S and they don't sell the cables, they told me that the HD was the same as theirs, but not sure if HD would sell cable only. Did tell me if I purchased the HD, that their program will work on it, so I could keep my download, but I'm trying not to purchase another ECM, as this one works well, just no cable with it.
    tall terry ·
    I think you may be mistaken on several points. HD has no programmable ECM. There is the SE interface tuner that allows programming thrbmkdule..since you have the S&S module you should contact them for the cables..
    I'm in northern ky right on I75 about 10 miles south of the ky, Ohio border. I could help you if you were here. The s&s ecm is excellent.
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