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  1. Giant sucking sounds
  2. Obamacare cheaper than expected For Michigan
  3. Water - right or privilege
  4. God made her do it
  5. Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 shot down
  6. Rules are rules
  7. Peggy Joseph, no longer an Obama fan
  8. NG to the border
  9. Greenhouse
  10. Fourth of July weekend toll: 82 shot, 14 of them fatally, in Chicago
  11. Independence Day #238
  12. Bill Ayers
  13. FBI, CIA Use Backdoor Searches To Warrentlessly Spy On Americans' Communications
  14. A delay in carbon credits
  15. Obama to seek $2 billion to stem surge of Central American immigrants
  16. Why not blame God?
  17. SCOTUS -- recess appointments
  18. Hobby Lobby vs. HHS contraceptive mandate
  19. Rand Paul says Jesus wouldn't like the GOP's taste for war
  20. Mexican helicopter crosses border and fires on U.S. border agents
  21. Invitation for Berserker
  22. EPA employees told to stop pooping in the hallway
  23. Tea Party hits a wall in Mississippi and elsewhere
  24. 16 yr old shows how to find who bought who
  25. Rand Paul: Blame Dick Cheney for Iraq violence, not Obama
  26. I have to ask
  27. Nazis
  28. Some real costs and implications of O'care
  29. Fox interviews Clinton & makes her look like a star
  30. Benghazi terrorist captured
  31. Obama steps in to end commuter-railroad strike in Philadelphia
  32. Orange man speaks
  33. Iraq needs military assistance
  34. Just for fun
  35. Faux News part II - the truth
  36. Wait! I thought y'all declared the Tea Party dead
  37. Waiting for
  38. NRA slams Texas gun group as 'downright weird' and 'scary' for rallying at restaurant
  39. Fox News anchor arrested at MPS airport
  40. US soldier freed after being held for 5 years by the Taliban
  41. Let's get back on a religion thread
  42. How much does a senator make?
  43. Memorial Day best wishes
  44. More VA problems
  45. List of reasons Obama is history's worst president
  46. Dr. Oz is a Muslim
  47. The Democrats did it
  48. Heaven Is for Real
  49. This will make liberals blood boil!
  50. Where your taxes go
  51. Where is the outrage?
  52. Rand Paul to GOP: Our party's gone crazy and we're offending people
  53. Words to live by
  54. Oklahoma botches execution
  55. BOATLIFT, An Untold Tale of 9/11 Resilience
  56. Sarah Palin stands firm on ‘waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists' line
  57. Union meeting in 2 hours
  58. Boy can I call 'em
  59. Obamacare violates HIPPA
  60. Administration must publicly disclose its legal justification for using drones to ki
  61. GM troubles
  62. US ground troops to Poland
  63. You're deluded sense of democracy
  64. $50M effort to challange the NRA
  65. The takers outnumber the producers
  66. Conspiracy theories
  67. Waco, Nevada?
  68. Republicans are the party of the people (yuk yuk)
  69. Ban knives - HS stabbing - 20 injured
  70. Mileage based road tax?
  71. What Obamacare did for, or was that TO me?
  72. The future of conservative schooling
  73. Affordable insurance?
  74. No more spending limits
  75. Voter fraud
  76. Welfare subsidies ...
  77. Nixon - health care reform
  78. I vote Democrat because:
  79. Malaysia Air 370 - mystery solved
  80. Gun confiscation
  81. Crimea
  82. Really?
  83. Feinstein vs Obama/CIA
  84. Anyone here from Connecticut?
  85. Connecticut hits a snag
  86. Dow 6000?
  87. Anybody want to move to Oklahoma?
  88. Tail wagging the dog
  89. Just cancel the vets medical records
  90. He promised change
  91. Fracking
  92. Obama's 2015 budget
  93. I would like to thank ...
  94. Presidents' Day
  95. Learn to speak Chinese. You are going to need it!
  96. Pretty darn insightful
  97. Where is everyone?
  98. Convergence ..... the end is near
  99. Making movies and jobs
  100. Texas hospital ends life support for brain-dead pregnant woman
  101. Trans Pacific Partnership - NAFTA 2.0
  102. Texas execution
  103. Robert Gates discusses his book
  104. MO legislature at work!
  105. Man of the DECADE Ken Fisher
  106. Hillary Clinton ... most fascinating person of the last 20 years
  107. 2016 campaign slogans
  108. Who has more rights?
  109. Middle East
  110. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and the GW bridge debacle
  111. Which is better for America
  112. Religions ...
  113. Religions through time, where Christianity came from
  114. Global warming
  115. Fallujah falls to AQ. Again.
  116. Send in the clowns
  117. NYC to ban horse-drawn carriages
  118. Phil's back
  119. Feds: 'Knockout' attack was a hate crime
  120. Union seeks severance for teacher who raped boy
  121. Will the Affordable Care Act have an effect ...
  122. Free speech
  123. Phil Robertson axed (suspended) from A&E
  124. Think Medicaid is free?
  125. Judge: NSA domestic phone data-mining unconstitutional
  126. Who remembers Festivus?
  127. Fed judge upholds polygamy
  128. Lie of the year: 'If you like your health care plan, you can keep it'
  129. The most subsidized industry in the US is ...
  130. Can the US pay back 17 trillion dollars
  131. Federal Protective Service
  132. There is no war on Christmas
  133. Rep Hank Johnson
  134. Anyone believe racism is over?
  135. Fort Knox gold
  136. Someone Call Sara: the Pope Is Being Misquoted by the Lamestream Media Again
  137. Iran deal..."Historic Mistake?"
  138. Democrats choose self-immolation
  139. Midwest tornados
  140. Find your health care cost fast
  141. Typhoon help
  142. Couple nights + 3 guys = working O'care site
  143. Coal miners black lung cover up
  144. What the president meant to say
  145. Marriage question
  146. Why do people poop?
  147. Minimum wage
  148. GM - the final tally?
  149. Video how voter ID works
  150. Republican Party favorability sinks to record low
  151. Mitch on the teat
  152. Hold the fort
  153. An outside perspective of the USA
  154. Back pay for furloughed government workers
  155. So we really are getting dumber
  156. Air pollution causes cancer
  157. A deal to end the government shutdown?
  158. have children?
  159. Joe the Plumber, redux
  160. This is a bipartisan question
  161. Did your premiums go up?
  162. Let's get ready to rumble
  163. 28 Years for the Kwamster
  164. You wanna cry? I'll give you something to cry about!
  165. Companies like this
  166. U.S. will default only by Obama choice
  167. Flip 'er over and hit 'er from the other side
  168. Guardian Angels
  169. Fair and balanced? Sometimes
  170. Left or right, doesn't matter
  171. Cooler heads
  172. It all makes sense now
  173. They're fracking us all up
  174. vindex1963
  175. Funny or Sad? Typical for sure.
  176. Oh, the irony!
  177. 17 years later...SHUT DOWN!
  178. NY outlaws novelty lighters
  179. Church murder
  180. $300,000,000.00 For Detroit
  181. Report is out MMGW is real
  182. Gun control that makes sense
  183. My email from the NRA
  184. Bloody sacrifice
  185. Abusive relationship?
  186. Obama would rather default than negotiate
  187. Tea party support dwindles to record low
  188. George H.W. Bush is a witness at same-sex wedding
  189. Obamacare will be cheaper than expected
  190. The enemy of my enemy and voting these ^&*(%$# out
  191. Bill Clinton on Letterman last night
  192. Ted Cruz will filibuster
  193. Is the president just delusional?
  194. One stand-up cop!
  195. If Hillary were the defacto Democratic candidate for Prez
  196. What say you, do you agree or disagree
  197. A possible breakthrough?
  198. This will make all you Tea Partiers climax
  199. Smoking the mObamajuana
  200. Dems run and hide during Benghazi hearings
  201. GOP Waterloo
  202. Al Jazeera America just launched. Fox and MSNBC should worry
  203. If you own a business, should you have constitutional rights as well?
  204. Shutting down the government
  205. Vote for gun control against the will of the people and get thrown out of office
  206. Vote for 2nd amendment
  207. If you were the POTUS
  208. Does the president still have the authority?
  209. Obama "I didn't draw the line in the sand"
  210. That damn liberal media
  211. FSA Fighters say they gassed accidently
  212. it's labor day
  213. Should the US bomb Syria
  214. Much ado about NOTHING
  215. Uh-oh, what's this?
  216. Going to the brink
  217. Syria and poison gas - Obama's response
  218. Just a harmless Libertarian
  219. Has the world gone mad?
  220. Support Starbucks
  221. US getting a bad rep?
  222. NRA has millions of gun owners in their database
  223. Ted Cruz's citizenship
  224. Getting back to police
  225. Answers In Genesis
  226. Time to legalize
  227. Parents' rights
  228. Oh those rascals at the NSA! What kind of shenanigans are they up tp now?
  229. What are the chances you were born you?
  230. Tears of God
  231. Banned for life!
  232. California gun-control bills advance in Sacramento
  233. Prometheus, the origin of man, God, evolution
  234. Source of morality
  235. Paul Ryan does not like being questioned at Town Hall meetings
  236. Hilarious Vid - Belly Dancer rips Obama
  237. Don't taze me officer bro
  238. The NSA is NOT spying on Americans
  239. Let's meat
  240. Is the Christ story actually based on Mithra?
  241. In defense of Islam
  242. Bean bag rounds fired by police killed Park Forest man, 95
  243. Tea Party and OWS link arms
  244. H o l y c r a p
  245. Apparently no news is all good news
  246. Do you believe this Weiner guy?
  247. IRS scandal, take two!
  248. Rise of the warrior cop
  249. Firing a shotgun into the air
  250. No person should be required to turn their back on a criminal attack